March 13, 2018 / 09:25 AM
Syrian Kurds demand opening representative office in US

According to a document released by an expert of Kurdish issues and Middle East affairs, Aron Avand, Kurds in Syria have demanded the U.S.  to let them open a representative office in the country.

Avand has released a document on his Twitter page. According to the document Syria Democratic Council, the political branch of Syrian Demicratic Forces (SDF), has delivered the demand.
The Kurds have called on the U.S. to equip Northern Syria Federation Democratic Army and bring an end to Turkey's occupation and increase humanitarian aids.
The Kurds have also asked Washington to led the northern Syria Fdereation forces to control an international airport in Syria, a demand that the analyst believes is an attempt by the Kurds in order to win governmental support.
The Syrian Kurds have made the demand to open the office on January 31, about 10 days after Turkey started its invasion into northern Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin.
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