April 13, 2019 / 03:35 PM
US should not leave Kurds alone: former US defense official

A former US defense ministry official believes his country should not quit Syria as Turkey would attack the Kurds in the country as soon as the U.S. forces withdraw from the county and therefore the establishment of a security zone is inevitable.

Writing an article in Washington Examiner magazine, Michael Rubin stated that Turkey anti-Kurdish policy both inside and outside of the country is not a policy of the government but a policy of the country and the tension between Kurds and Ankara has exacerbated since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been ruling the country.

Rubin added that Syrian Kurds have been fighting along with US forces against the IS and al-Qaeda and it is not reasonable to leave the Kurds alone.

He warned in his article that Kurds in Syria would be massacred in case US leave Syria and the situation would make the US an unreliable ally which no one will trust in the future.

The analyst and former official called for the establishment of a 10-kilometer-long safe zone on Turkey and Syria border.

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