April 12, 2019 / 09:59 AM
Turkey seeking to divide Syria, Kurdish official tells KurdPress

The co-head of north and eastern Syria federation parliament says that Kurdish forces in the north of Syria would clear Afrin, a city in the region, from terrorist groups.

Hedyeh Yusuf, told KurdPress in an interview that Afrin is an inseparable part of Syria and the city would be released in a near or far future, warning that Turkey is seeking to divide Syria.

Turkey backed forces took the control of the northern Syria Kurdish city in 2018.

She stressed that the Kurdish forces are ready to launch an operation to retake the control of the city, warning that Turkey has long-time plans to divide Syria.

Yusuf also stated that Turkey is trying to make deal with Russia over Idlib with the three cities of Afrin, Azaz and Jerablus which are under the control of Turkey-backed forces.

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