April 10, 2019 / 12:27 AM
Unpleasant future awaiting Syrian Kurds, university professor tells Kurdpress

A Lion University professor expressed his pessimism about the future of the Kurds in the north of Syria as no one is ready to accept their rights.

Kurds in Syria are controlling almost a quarter of the country in the north, home to many water, oil and gas resources. They hope to control the region in a federal system in the north and hope the whole of Syria would be run under such a same system.

A hard time is awaiting the Kurdish forces as Turkey is aganinst the forces in the southern borders of the country and the US, the Syrian Kurds’ main ally in the fight against the IS, plans to withdraw its forces from the war-torn country and Damascus is seeking to restore the control of the regions either peacefully or through sending its troops.

Also a Washington Institute Researcher, Fabrice Balanche, told KurdPress in an interview that he was not optimist about the future of the Kurds in Syria.

“I am very pessimistic about the future of the Syrian Kurds. Turkey will never accept the presence of an autonomous Kurdish administration on northern Syria leaded by the PYD, considered as the Syrian branch of the PKK,” he told Kurdpress.

The professor added that “Assad will not accept also the Kurdish control over Northern Syria. Russia and Iran consider the Kurds as traitor because they support the US presence in Syria.”

“I do not think US will stay and protect the Kurds against a Turkish offensive. Probably not in the next few months because US troops are still in Syria, the withdraw will take few months, and because after the victory against Daesh (IS) the Kurds are benefiting a kind of international protection for few months,” he stated about the planned US pullout from Syria and the impact of the move on the Kurdish forces and the region under their control.

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