June 24, 2018 / 05:18 PM
World powers take advantage of gaps within KRG, analyst tells Kurdpress

Kurds lack unity and the world powers recognize the division and take advantage of gaps within the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Diliman Abdulkader told Kurdpress in an interview.


In regard to the U.S., the policy makers understand that Iraq is held together by a thread but again it is also much more convenient to push for the status quo and to call for a united Iraq when there is no alternative available, he said, adding that whether we Kurds like it or not, out leadership hasn’t proven to be an alternative. I can say that when Kurds have their house in order, they will have the full backing of the United States.

The Kurdish analyst who studies politics at the University of Washington believes that it is the Iraqi oil and gas that is significant for Russia not the unity of the state.

“As far as Russia, it will continue to have a neutral role just as it did during the referendum. For Russia, a united Iraq is not important, but having influence over the oil and gas is critical,” he added.

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