Syria Kurds will establish their government: Kurdish official
A high-level official of Syria Kurds National Council (KNC) stated the Kurds in the country will establish their own government and no one can stop them from fulfilling their plan.

Discussing the situation of Syria Kurds with Muhammad Musa, the leader of Syria Leftist Kurdish Party, the KNC official Ilham Ahmad stated the country’s Kurds are determined to make their goal come true and no one can stop them from achieving their goal.

She further warned Turkey and Kurdistan Region from intervening in the affairs of Syria Kurds and banning them from gaining their goals, stressing that self-ruling system is taken for granted for Syria Kurds.

She further blamed media war against pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and noted the party will never die.

She also revealed KNC has discussed Kurdish autonomy with the PYD and asked all Kurdish parties to support the action.


News Code: 6139  |  Date: 2013/12/15  |  Time: 9 : 29

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