Syria Kurdish delegation visits Turkey
A Kurdish delegation from Syria arrived in Turkey on Wednesday to discuss the border tensions between the two countries.

The five- member delegation of political and civil activists entered Turkey through Orfa border pass way to meet Turkey officials.

“We are now on Syria- Turkey border and we will enter Turkey minutes later to meet officials from Red Crescent and the southeastern city’s Customs’ officials,” Anwar Salim, a member of the delegation, told Kurdpress before entering Turkey.

He added people in Syria northern regions are in trouble due to the closure of border between Syria and Kurdistan Region “but most of the problems would end if Ankara aids us.”

The official added clashes between Kurds and the militants of Islamist group of Jabhat al- Nusra has ceased for now.


News Code: 5577  |  Date: 2013/10/03  |  Time: 11 : 18

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