Ayatollah Sistani asks for a power-sharing government in Iraq
Iraqi top cleric Ayatollah Sistani asked for the formation of a power-sharing government to solve the current political crisis in the state.

The cleric’s representative Ayatollah Ahmad Safi told a Friday prayer in southern holy city of Karbala that a power-sharing government is needed to solve the tension and drive Iraq out of the crisis, adding that the federal court law is needed to be ratified.

Ayatollah Safi went on to say that there are different readings of the constitution by Baghdad and Erbil government in the north and the federal court law is needed to save Iraq from the conflict.

The representative further asked Iraqi army to fight against terrorists in every part of Iraq but warned that the citizens should not be hurt in the fights.

He further lashed out at the ISIS militants for blowing up mosques and holy shrines and asked international community to help Iraq to fight the terrorism that threatens both Iraq and the world.

News Code: 7950  |  Date: 2014/08/02  |  Time: 11 : 43

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