Turkey to recruit 5,000 new ‘security guards’ for Kurdish regions
Ankara has decided to recruit 5,000 additional village guards in a bid to combat the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) east and southeast Turkey, daily Haberturk has reported.

At a meeting at the presidential palace in the capital Ankara on Oct. 20, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu told attendees of a meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and 49 NGO representatives and opinion leaders from the region.

In line with the plans, the newly recruited personnel will officially be named “security guards” rather than “permanent guards” or “village guards.”

Ankara has also decided not to take from the new guards a “weapon fee,” worth 4,000 Turkish Liras, which was paid to the state once every five years.

Personnel benefits and social rights of village guards will also be improved, with their retirement age being reduced to 40 or 45, down from the current age of 55. Relatives of retired village guards will also be tenured, according to the new measures.

News Code: 14446  |  Date: 2016/10/22  |  Time: 10 : 16

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