KDP asks China to support Iraqi Kurds' independence
A member of Kurdistan Region ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) political bureau asked the republic of China to support the establishment of a Kurdish independence state in the north of Iraq.

Releasing a statement, Kemal Kirkuki, asked Beijing government to support confedralism and the establishment of the Kurdish state as “federalism can no longer solve problems in Iraq.”

 The demand came during the visit of a Chinese delegation to Kurdistan Region and the delegation’s meeting with the Kurdish official.

Reiterating that Kurds have seen massacres and oppressions, Kirkuki was quoted by Xendan as saying that the federal system in Iraq is no longer practicable and it will lead to more massacres and mass killings.

The Chinese delegation stressed on their country’s support to development in the Kurdish region.

The chief of the delegation, Jiang Jianhu, reported that his country will open its consulate in Erbil in order to beet its political and cultural ties with the Kurdish region.

News Code: 7150  |  Date: 2014/04/21  |  Time: 10 : 15

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