NATO backs Kurds participation in Syria peace talks
The NATO has backed the presence of Syrian Kurds in the peace talks to end the civil war in the country as the Kurds are fighting in the country.

Kurds were not invited and allowed in the peace talks in Geneva. The talks failed due to deep disputes between opposing sides.

Turkey was severely against the presence of Syrian Kurds. Russia backed their presence and the U.S. did not lend the support the Kurds expected.

The NATO Secretary General Gens Stolenberg said on Friday that Kurds are part of the conflict in Syria and it is therefore necessary that they should be a part of the solution in the country.

Kurds in Iraq are fighting tensions, he said, adding that all sides should help to find a solution for Syrian civil war through negotiation.

News Code: 12588  |  Date: 2016/02/13  |  Time: 14 : 48

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