Next elections will be fair in Kurdistan region: Speaker
The Speaker of Kurdistan Region’s Parliament, Mohammed Sadiq said on Thursday that the coming elections will be fair in the region and far from violations after the region formed its special commission, Shafaq News reported.

According to a statement of the Presidency of the region’s Parliament the speaker made the remark during a meeting with a high-level delegation from the United Nations visiting the region.

He said: “the goal of establishing Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendums in Kurdistan region for the next election will be far from the problems and violations that existed previously."

He pointed out that "the Parliament will monitor the work of the Commission and cooperate with them to open courses and private coaching on how to conduct the election away from the violations."

Sadeq also demanded specialists in the United Nations High Commission for Elections to cooperate to prevent repeating past mistakes in the electoral processes in the Kurdish region in northern Iraq.

News Code: 9951  |  Date: 2015/03/27  |  Time: 12 : 52

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