Ocalan asks Kurds to mobilize against IS
The imprisoned leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has called for a mass mobilization of all Kurds against the Islamic State militant group which is fighting Kurdish forces in Syria.

In a message relayed through his lawyer late Monday, Abdullah Ocalan said: "I call on all Kurdish people to start an all-out resistance against this high-intensity war."

"Not only the people of Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) but also all people in the north (Turkey) and other parts of Kurdistan should act accordingly," lawyer Mazlum Dinc quoted Ocalan as saying.

According to AP the call came hours before the United States and five Arab countries on Tuesday launched airstrikes against the Islamic militants in Syria.

PKK is affiliated with a Kurdish party in Syria whose armed wing is fighting the Islamic State group in northern Syria.

The Islamic State group's offensive against the northern Syrian city of Kobani, a few miles from the Turkish border, has sent 130,000 refugees to seek safety in Turkey in the last few days.

Hundreds of Kurds from Turkey have clashed near the frontier with Turkish police, who fired tear gas and water cannons. The Kurds say Turkey is hampering their efforts to cross into Syria and help their brethren.

News Code: 8438  |  Date: 2014/09/23  |  Time: 19 : 44

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