Electing Barzani for another term is unacceptable: Change deputy
A deputy from Change Movement (Gorran), a ruling party in Kurdistan Region, has blamed the situation in the region that only a special person is elected as the region’s president.

Tavga Ahmad told al-Ghad Press that all political parties in the region are against prolonging Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani’s term, asking the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) to nominate another person for the region’s presidency.

Wondering why the KDP reiterates on remaining Barzani as the president of the region while there are hundreds of capable politicians in the region, Ahmad said Barzani clan are ruling all political and security organizations in the Kurdish region and no power change has occurred inside the party.

Stating that the KDP has not nominated any politician to replace Barzani, stressed the movement backs another KDP nominee for the presidency of the region as well as changing the region’s presidency into a parliamentary system.

News Code: 10780  |  Date: 2015/07/04  |  Time: 13 : 43

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