Most IS landmines are handmade: KRG official
An official in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) says most landmines being used by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group are locally manufactured, while the rest contain explosive materials made in Syria or in European countries

Mohamed Ahmed Ismail, the KRG official in charge of landmine affairs, told Anadolu Agency that 90 percent of the landmines found in areas retaken from the IS by Peshmerga forces were of local manufacture.

"Daesh (IS) produces these landmines in areas under its control," he said. "They plant them in strategic locations to prevent the advance of security forces."

He added that the IS’s handmade landmines are different from those produced industrially as they "only remain active for about three years".

He went on to note that that a special "committee" from Europe would soon visit Erbil with a view to determining where exactly the IS was obtaining explosive materials.

News Code: 13176  |  Date: 2016/05/03  |  Time: 23 : 57

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