Syrian refugees exceed 100,000 in Kurdistan Region
Erbil- The number of displaced Syrian families to Kurdistan Region's Dumez camp reached 14139 families so far, making the refugees in the northern autonomous region over 100000 people, official said.

"Some days we register at least a thousand displaced people a day and sometimes we register about 700 displaced people,” the media officer of the camp, Salim Saeed, was quoted by Shafaq news as saying on Saturday.

He added that it is likely that the number of displaced would reach 100000 during the week if the arrival pace of displaced people continues on the same rate.

Dumez camp, a refugee facility located 20 km west of Dohuk, one of the provinces of the region, has received the displaced from Syria since the beginning of crisis in the country.

Most of the refugees of the camp are Syria Kurds.


News Code: 4140  |  Date: 2013/03/31  |  Time: 10 : 36

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