Kurds disagree interim government in Syria: PYD official tells Kurdpress
Pro- Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) foreign relations chief said the Kurdish parties are against the idea of an interim government in Syria and said Syria National Coalition Chief Moaz al- Khatib’s attempts are not based on Syria realities.

In an exclusive interview with Kurdpress news agency, PYD official Zohaat Kobani said the offered idea by Khatib and other Syria opposition officials are for from Syria relalities, adding that the idea does not depict a unanimous stance of Syria government oppositions.

“Kurds want their identity identified and their demands accepted but what are reported in the media about the north of Syria are real fake and we will continue our efforts in a united Syria,” he further said.

Khatib had earlier told Turkey media that his council is following the idea of forming an interim government.

News Code: 4015  |  Date: 2013/03/10  |  Time: 19 : 33

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