Peshmerga forces retake control of Rabia: spokesman tells Kurdpress
The Peshmerga spokesman confirmed to Kurdpress on Tuesday that the fighters had retaken Rabia and its vital border crossing northwest of Mosul.

The border town had been captured by the militants of the Islamic State over the summer.

The Peshmerga fighters entered Rabia after liberating the villages of as-Saudiyah and Mahmudiyah, the Kurdish forces’ Spokesman Halgurd Hikmat told Kurdpress.

Besides Rabia, Kurdish Peshmerga forces carried out military operations against the radical militants on two other fronts in northern Iraq.

Kurdish forces managed to liberate the villages around the town of Daquq, south of the key oil city of Kirkuk.

Meanwhile BasNewsa said in a report today that some 150 militants of the jihadist group have surrendered themselves to the Kurdish forces.

News Code: 8514  |  Date: 2014/10/02  |  Time: 14 : 46

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