Iranian official, Jalal Talabani confer on major issues
Assistant Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ahmad Amiri conferred with Secretary General of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and former president of Iraq Jalal Talebani in Sulaymaniyah on Friday.

Referring to the valuable role of Talebani in establishment of stability and security in the region, Amiri said his role is undeniable and the Supreme Leader and all Iranians are praying for his health, IRNA reported.

Amiri added Talebani has a good experience in maintaining stability in Iraq, while his absence from Iraq political scene caused different problems.

Referring to Iran's assistance to Baghdad and Kurdistan region for the joint fight against terrorism, Amiri said the cooperation will continue and Iran will never leave its friend alone under any condition.

'I am glad to declare before Mr. Talebani that Iran's nuclear issue has been settled and that Mr. Talebani has always had a positive and constructive role in this regard by his emphasis on solving the issue peacefully,' Amiri said.

News Code: 10999  |  Date: 2015/07/31  |  Time: 22 : 41

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