Kurds ask West to remain in region until IS is over
Iraqi Kurds have asked the Western allies to remain militarily in the Kurdish autonomous region until the Islamic State (IS) insurgency and threat against the region is over.

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) former representative to Britain and the present representative to the U.S., Bayan Sami Abdulrahman has asked the Kurdish region’s allies to remain in Kurdistan Region until full defeat of the IS and help Kurds against the extremist group.

Without caring how long the war against the IS could last, the Western states should help Iraq and Syria in defeating and removing the Islamic State as “the group is a threat to the West too,” she told Global Post.

She further asked Canada to help Kurds through training the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga and continue bombing the bases of the jihadists on Iraq and the region.

News Code: 9996  |  Date: 2015/03/31  |  Time: 13 : 14

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