Syrian Kurds recover full control of Tal Abyad
A Syrian Kurdish militia said on July 1 it had recovered full control of the border town of Tal Abyad after the Islamic State (IS) fighters raided its outskirts the day before in preparation for a larger assault.

Backed by U.S.-led air strikes, the Kurdish YPG militia and smaller Syrian rebel groups captured Tal Abyad from IS on June 15, severing an important supply route for the militants between the Turkish border and its de facto capital of Raqqa city to the south.

The YPG militia said the militants entered Tal Abyad's eastern periphery on Tuesday. Redur Xelil, the spokesman, said three IS militants had been killed, while another had blown himself up with an explosive belt.

"The situation in Tal Abyad is over and under control," he told Reuters. "They were preparing a big operation like Kobani."

The militants' raid on Kobani last week killed more than 220 civilians. The YPG said it reestablished full control over Kobani on Saturday, killing more than 60 Islamic State militants who had raided the town.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the YPG had reestablished control over the Tal Abyad district raided on June 30. But with such a low death toll among Islamic State fighters, it questioned where the remaining militants had gone.

News Code: 10758  |  Date: 2015/07/01  |  Time: 15 : 18

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