US does not support Kurdistan Region’s independence: Masrour Barzani
Kurdistan Region’s Intelligence and Security Head Masrour Barzani said US government led y President Barack Obama does not back the independence of Kurdistan Region from Iraq.

Speaking with New York Times, Barzani said the recent US air attacks on the militants of the Islamic State shows Washington expects Kurds to take part in the new government of Iraq, adding that “Obama government has never shown it is ready to back the establishment of an independent Kurdistan.”

But the Kurds’ demands for joining the Iraqi government are extensive and include the right to sell their own oil, buy their own arms and conduct referendums on whether disputed areas should join the Kurdish region, as well as the establishment of a new mechanism to prevent any “abuses of power” by the new leadership in Baghdad, he said.

“Deep down every Kurd wants to have an independent state,” he said last week in a telephone interview.

A senior White House official, asked whether the Obama administration viewed the independence of Kurdistan as inevitable, said: “I think that’s premature. Whatever one thinks of that prospect, now is not the time for another destabilizing event.”

But he added: “The way we’re thinking about it is, we’ve got to put out the fires first. Then we can think about the future of Iraq.”

News Code: 8223  |  Date: 2014/08/30  |  Time: 13 : 36

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