U.S. is against Syrian, Iraqi Kurdish attempts to change borders: official
A U.S. official has stated that the country is against any attempts by Kurds in Iraq and Syria to change the borders of their countries and become independent.

According to the Guardian Kurds in Iraq and Syria are trying to test their chance to establish their independent states from the rubbles the Islamic State (IS) has made in the countries but the regional neighboring states have expressed their opposition to the attempt.

The U.S. official reiterated that Washington’s stance towards the issue would not change and it wants Iraq and Syria to remain independent, adding that now it is not the right time to redraw borders in the two states and a regional agreement has to be made over the attempts which the regional situation is too far from making such a decision.

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News Code: 16320  |  Date: 2017/06/25  |  Time: 14 : 45

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