IS should pay for its crimes: Massoud Barzani
Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani made an announcement on Friday regarding the liberation of Sinjar Mountain, where Yazidis fleeing the Islamic State (IS) persecution had been taking refuge and which until Thursday had been under IS control, saying that the radical group should pay for its crimes

Barzani said, “The operation to save our Yazidi brother’s homeland, Sinjar, has started. The territory between Zumar and Sinjar Mountain is under our control. The Peshmerga reached Mount Sinjar on the same day of the Ezidis' Fasting Feast. It has a special meaning. The defeat of IS militants should be an example to all of our enemies.”

According to Masrour Barzani, the chancellor of the Kurdistan Regional Security Council, Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters launched an operation on Thursday to rescue minorities who ran away from IS violence and reclaim the sieged town of Sinjar.

After the IS siege was broken on Mount Sinjar, the Peshmerga helped the nearly 10,000 displaced Yazidis.

Peshmerga commander and Kurdistan Democratic Party member Fazil Mirani said, “Our goal is to save Sinjar town. But in order to do that we need to capture all of the strategic points.”

He also said that the Peshmerga need heavy weaponry to proceed.

Nearly 100,000 Iraqi minorities took refuge in Mount Sinjar when Sinjar town was captured by IS forces in early August.

News Code: 9124  |  Date: 2014/12/19  |  Time: 19 : 32

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