Efforts continuing to annex Shingal to Kurdistan Region: deputy speaker
The deputy to Kurdistan Region Parliament speaker said the legislative body and its members are trying to annex Shingal to the Kurdish autonomous region in northern Iraq.

Shingal is in the disputed region that both Baghdad and Erbil claim authority over. The city fell to the control of the radicals of the Islamic State (IS) months ago and only a small part of it has been liberated.

Speaking with al-Masdar News, Jaafar Imenki asked the Kurdish region's parliament to annex the city as a province of Kurdistan Region.

Reiterating that the liberation of the city by the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga was very appreciated by residents, he added efforts to annex the city and to change it as a province of Kurdistan Region are continuing.

News Code: 9748  |  Date: 2015/03/02  |  Time: 10 : 23

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