Efforts under way to establish fifth KRG province with Shingal as center
A political source in Iraq claimed efforts are under the way in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to establish the fifth province of the region with Shingal as its center.

The source who wanted to remain unknown told Sky Press that the KRG is seeking to establish the fifth province of the region which includes cities in the western parts of Iraqi Northern Province of Nainawa, including Zomar, Rabia’a and Shingal.

Shingal is to be the center of the province. Most part of the city is now under the control of the militants of the Islamic State (IS).

The source also said Peshmerga forces are fighting against the IS radicals in the regions to protect them and annex them to the Iraqi northern autonomous region.

The Kurds region has already passed a law that considers Halabja as the fourth province of the region.

News Code: 10233  |  Date: 2015/04/27  |  Time: 10 : 17

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