People can return homes in Kobani: Hasu tells Kurdpress
The representative of the Syrian pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) stated the Kurdish bordering town of Kobani is fully liberated and people can return to their homes.

Gharib Hasu told Kurdpress in an exclusive interview that the city is fully under the control of Kurdish forces and people can return their homes.

Answering a question about the U.S. doubt over Kobani’s full liberation, Hasu invited international organizations and reporters to investigate the situation in the city closely, adding that the “PYD has began operation to liberate cities around the city and surrounding areas from Daesh (IS) elements.”

There are not any clashes in the city now and the YPG forces, affiliated with the PYD, are fighting to liberate villages near the city.

Hasu further appreciated the role of the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga in Kobani’s liberation and stated the Kurdish forces played a good and fruitful role in the city’s release.

News Code: 9444  |  Date: 2015/01/27  |  Time: 13 : 32

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