Ankara and Tehran to boost economic and trade ties: Turkish diplomat
Turkey and Iran have agreed to continue “enhancing dialogue” and boost economic and trade ties, a Foreign Ministry official told Anadolu Agency on Friday.

Umit Yalcin's remarks came after talks with the Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ibrahim Rahimpour in Ankara earlier this week.

"During the meeting, we agreed to continue enhancing our dialogue in the upcoming period via increasing mutual high-level contacts and visits," said Yalcin.

He said the countries agreed on improving economic and trade relations and benefiting from cooperation in the energy sector.

"Within the framework of our consultations, we exchanged views on regional issues especially … developments in Syria and Iraq.

"We touched upon the need to initiate a political process for stopping the bloodshed in Syria and implementing a real transition process," Yalcin said.

News Code: 12580  |  Date: 2016/02/12  |  Time: 20 : 46

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