Davutoglu visits Peshmerga training camp
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu visited Kurdish Peshmerga forces’ training camp in Diana, Millyiet daily said in a report.

The camp, in the north of Erbil, is run by Turkish forces who train the Kurdish forces that are at war with the militants of the Islamic State that is running a large swath of Iraq and Syria.

Turkish Interior Minister, Afghan Ala, Tourism and Culture Minister Omar Celik, Economic Minister Nihat Zibekci, and Intelligence Agency Chief Hakan Fidan accompanied Davutoglu in the visit.

He later made a visit to Dohuk where he met the city’s governor, a former student of the Turkish PM who voiced his happiness to see his student is the city’s governor.

Davutoglu’s visit to Dohuk came days after the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) withdrew forces form the region.

News Code: 8913  |  Date: 2014/11/22  |  Time: 13 : 35

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