PKK leader predicts “tough fight” with Turkish army in Qandil Mountains
A member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Executive Committee has predicted a “tough fight” between the PKK and Turkish forces in the Qandil Mountains.

Murat Karayilan, told the PKK’s media wing on Wednesday, February 22, that PKK fighters are completely prepared for any fight against Turkish forces in the Qandil Mountains.

“The Turkish government and army failed in the al-Bab fight [in Syria]. It continuously fails in the fight,” Karayilan added. “They want to hide their failure by conducting air raids on the Qandil Mountains.”

Turkey has started detaining Kurdish citizens in the country but it can’t complete its aim, he continued. 

Karayilan’s speeches came in the wake of Turkish warplanes shelling the Qandil Mountains and villages on the border of the Kurdistan Region and Turkey over the last few days, NRT reported.

Turkish fighter jets hit the villages of Bokriskan, Zargali, Prdeshal and Kozinayan in the Qandil Mountains on Wednesday.

Turkish artillery also bombarded several villages in the Nerwa, Rekan and Duski Zhuru areas in the sub-district of Shiladze and Deraluk, located in the northeast of Duhok Governorate.

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News Code: 15361  |  Date: 2017/02/23  |  Time: 13 : 25

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