Turkey organization publishes preparatory Kurdish books
Kurdider Organization has taken a step in line with promoting Kurdish language in Turkey by printing Kurdish books for preparatory level students.

The books are available in both the Kurmanji and Zazaki dialects and cover the Kurdish alphabet, mathematics, writing and science. Books for intermediate level students will also be published soon.

History books have been given priority to safeguard Kurdish identity for future generations. In an interview with Aljazeera Turk, Sbahaddin Goltakin, the head of Kurdider Organization, said: “our history books will also deal with other nations, religions and civilizations that have lived in Kurdistan.”

Geography books are another priority. They will focus on the geography of Kurdistan in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

Gultakin explained that there is no shortage of Kurdish language teachers in Turkey. The Kurdider Organization has 30 branches in Turkey, and each year, 30,000 people graduate with certificates from the organization.

The democratization package approved in the Turkish Parliament has paved the way for education in the Kurdish language.

The right for Turkish citizens to be educated in their mother tongue was legislated in the Turkish Parliament, but it is yet to be implemented because of delays caused by internal regulations in the Education Ministry.

Preparations are underway to start education in the Kurdish language and significant progress has already been made.


News Code: 7184  |  Date: 2014/04/24  |  Time: 10 : 26

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