Iraqi PM declines Turkish offer to participation in Mosul
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi refused an offer by Turkey to take part in the battle to dislodge Islamic State (Daesh) from Mosul after meeting U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter in Baghdad on Oct. 22, Reuters reported.

"I know that the Turks want to participate, we tell them thank you, this is something the Iraqis will handle," Abadi told reporters traveling with Carter. "If help is needed, we will ask for it from Turkey or from other regional countries."

During a visit to Turkey on Oct. 21, Carter had signaled conditional support for a possible Turkish role in the campaign and said there was an agreement in principle that could allow for eventual Turkish participation.

By the tone of Abadi's comments on Oct. 22, that appeared unlikely anytime soon.

Turkey has been locked in a row with Iraq's central government over the presence of Turkish troops at the Bashiqa camp, where it has trained thousands of troops.

News Code: 14454  |  Date: 2016/10/23  |  Time: 8 : 53

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