Germany sends soldiers to Kurdistan Region
Germany has sent six soldiers to northern Iraq to coordinate deliveries of aid and military equipment to Kurds fighting Islamist State group, the Local website said.

The German military, the Bundeswehr, said on its website that the six had been sent to oversee aid deliveries to the Kurds in Erbil. They have been in the regional capital since Wednesday.

"Germany has delivered more humanitarian help to northern Iraq than any other European country," the Bundeswehr said.

It added in the statement that the first delivery of military equipment was also being prepared and will "follow shortly".

The Kurds are defending against an onslaught by the brutal terror group which has been accused of atrocities and genocide as it expands across Iraq and Syria.

Germany's Parliament will decide on Sunday whether to agree to government demands to send arms to the Kurds.

News Code: 8208  |  Date: 2014/08/28  |  Time: 13 : 40

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