Social media managers warned to preserve morality
The public relation of Bait al-Muqadas corps of Kurdistan province said in a statement that the intelligence organization of the army has warned a number of social media managers to preserve morality and not to release photos and the materials that are immoral and target the basis of the families and spread licentiousness.

The statement added that the forces of the intelligence organization has monitored the social media networks of Telegram and Instagram and found that most pages of Instagram are ran by modeling and beauty halls which spread immorality and wickedness and irreligious outlooks.

Some 50 persons were identified and they were warned about their activities in the two social media networks, the statement added.

It called that warning as an action to protect the honor of families and Islamic society.

News Code: 14047  |  Date: 2016/08/28  |  Time: 11 : 58

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