Kurdish parties agree on 13 sections of presidency law: Fuad Hussein
Five major political parties Kurdistan Region came to an agreement on 13 sections of the presidency law during a meeting in Erbil on Wednesday, a senior government official said.

Chief of Staff to the Kurdistan Region’s Presidency Fuad Hussein made the announcement in a press conference following the meeting, the fifth in a week.

Party representatives stopped short of making a deal an amendment to the existing presidential during four previous meetings.

Hussein said the parties are still locked in a dispute over how to choose a president for the region, as Masoud Barzani’s two-year presidential term extension expired on August 19.

 “The United States is with Barzani to stay in his position until a next election is carried out,” Hussein said, adding that minority representatives have been invited to take part in a new round of talks.

A U.S. State Department spokesman denied that Washington is interfering in internal Kurdish affairs in response to a question on the Obama administration’s stance on the political crisis.

John Kirby stated that the Kurdistan presidency issue is one for the region’s people and political parties to decide, NRT reported.

News Code: 11226  |  Date: 2015/08/27  |  Time: 14 : 39

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