Outcome of nuclear talks important for Iraqi Kurdistan: official
A member of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Politbureau told IRNA in Erbil, capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan, on Sunday that outcome of Iran nuclear talks will have positive effects on the entire region.

Saadi Ahmad Peireh said that western governments are trying more than 30 years to topple Iran's political system, but, Iran did not become weak, you may see its role from Asia to Africa and America to Europe.

So it is necessary that the western governments consider their failures in the past 30 years, and make good on their mistake, he said.

By entering Iran to official scene of political equations, many of regional problems would be settled considering Iran's capacities, Saadi said.

He stressed that Iran has a high ability to resolve regional crises and it can use this ability to establish peace and reconciliation.

The official further said that Tehran should not be kept out from world equations and that using enraged policies against Iran failed.

Simultaneously with the negotiations between Iran and Group 5+1 officials from other countries are following up the talks more sensitively.

News Code: 10796  |  Date: 2015/07/06  |  Time: 11 : 13

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