Kurds trying to receive weapons from Britain
Iraqi Kurds are continuing their attempts to receive arms and weapons from Britain to fight against the militants of the Islamic State (IS).

Kurdistan Region Intelligence Service Chief Masrour Barzani repeated the region's demand for heavy weapons to fight against the IS in a meeting with Britain security special representative to the region General Sayon Maya.

During the meeting on February 28, Barzani shed light on the latest situation of the region's war against the IS and asked London government to arm Kurds with heavy weapons against the jihadists, a statement from the Kurdish service said.

The British representative is reported to have promised helps to the region, adding that Kurds have many friends in London.

Barzani told Guardian weeks ago that Kurds do not have enough weapons to fight against the jihadist group and London refutes to sell its weapons in Afghanistan to Kurds.

News Code: 9734  |  Date: 2015/03/01  |  Time: 12 : 17

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