Erbil-Baghdad ties critical: Mahmoud Osman
A leading Kurdish politician and a former Iraqi parliament Deputy Mahmoud Osman warned that ties between Kurdistan Region and Iraqi central government are critical and serious talks are the only way to settle differences.

Osman wrote on hid Facebook that relations between Erbil and Baghdad has turned critical as 2015 budget law and two-sides deal that stipulates the Kurdish region to export 550000 barrels of oil per day have not been set into motion, adding that the only way to solve disputes is serious negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad.

He added that the amount of the money Baghdad is sending to the region annually is half of the amount Erbil needs, reiterating that Erbil should look for other choices if talks between the two sides fail.

Osman went on to say that Erbil can take complain against Baghdad in the federal court and Kurdish deputies in Baghdad impeach Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

News Code: 10447  |  Date: 2015/05/24  |  Time: 8 : 33

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