U.S. calls SDF “reliable partner” in battle against Daesh
The U.S. State Department stated that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have proved to be a “reliable partner” in the fight against the Islamic State (Daesh).

Press office director Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters in a press conference on Thursday that Washington would continue to support all forces in the SDF, including the Kurdish fighters, after U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden issued a warning to the force this week, NRT reported.

 “I would note that the SDF has proved to be a reliable partner and a highly effective and capable force … It’s important to note that Kurdish forces are a critical component of the SDF,” Trudeau said.

 “We’ll continue to support all components of the SDF – Arab, Kurd, Turkmen, all, as we look to pressure ISIL and ultimately liberate Raqqa,” she continued, using an English common acronym for Daesh.

Her remarks came after the People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced on Thursday that Kurdish forces had withdrawn from Manbij on August 23 and returned to their bases after Daesh’ defeat in the city.

Trudeau said the U.S. will support the YPG forces “moving forward on their commitment.”

VP Biden on Wednesday urged the Syrian Kurdish forces to withdraw to the east of the Euphrates River or risk losing American backing.

Turkish tanks crossed the Syrian border on Wednesday to participate in the battle for Jarablus, where as reported by Reuters, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country’s military had begun operations targeting Daesh militants and YPG forces.

News Code: 14042  |  Date: 2016/08/27  |  Time: 13 : 42

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