Peshmerga forces won’t receive order from YPG: minister
The chief of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Peshmerga said the forces to Syrian Kurdish regions would not receive order form the People Defense Units (YPG) that are fighting against the militants of the Islamic State (IS).

The remarks come a day after Kurdistan Region’s parliament approved sending Kurdish forces to Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani, which is under the siege of the radical group, to help their brethren Kurds.

Mustafa Seyyed Ghader did not reveal the number of Peshmerga forces that are due to be dispatched to Kobani but said the sent forces would be armed to needed weaponry.

He did not point out whether the sent forces would be Syrian Kurds or forces form Kurdistan Region, adding that the forces would remain in Syrian Kurdistan as long as they are needed.

Damascus has not taken any stances till now, he said about possible Syria government opposition to the decision by Erbil.

News Code: 8681  |  Date: 2014/10/23  |  Time: 12 : 51

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