Iraq is already divided: party leader
The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Social Party Muhammad Haji Mahmoud stated the Kurds are the winner of the situation in Iraq and the state is already divided.

Addressing a meeting in Erbil to honor the Peshmerga fighters who died in war against the Islamic State (IS), Haji Mahmoud said Iraq is politically, geographically and demographically divided and it is very impossible for Iraq to return to days before the Islamic State insurgency in June last year.

He stated the Kurds have liberated 1500 square kilometers in fight against the jihadist group and have made a lot of friends internationally, calling it unattainable without making sacrifices.

The party leader added the Kurds have formerly been in such a situation and have returned to Baghdad and instructed Iraq once more, expressing his hope that the Kurdish leaders would not once again return to Baghdad and try to rebuild Iraq but put all their efforts into dividing the region in the north and establish an independent Kurdish state.

News Code: 9973  |  Date: 2015/03/29  |  Time: 14 : 41

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