Sayda rules out Syria Kurds separation, appreciates Turkey
Ankara- The leader of Syria opposition group of the Syrian National Council (SNC) told reporters on Tuesday that the Syrian Kurds should not look for making an independent region or separation from Syria.

After a meeting with Turkey Foreign Minister Ahmad Davutoglu, the SNC Kurdish head Abdulbaset Sayda ruled out creating an autonomous Kurdish region in Syria or the emergence of an independent Kurdish state from the country and said: we have given orders to make sure that no other flag than the Syrian flag be raised in Syria.”

He further added that Kurds are part of the “Syrian nation fabric” and the Kurds are unanimously with the SNC.

Syrian Kurds have already taken the control of the Kurdish cities of Kobane, Efrin and Amude over the past few day and negotiations with Syrian forces for the peaceful surrender of Qamishli, the biggest Kurdish city in Syria, are under way.

The head of SNC, that has being supported by Ankara, further appreciated Turkey attempts and said the country has been a great help to “Syria revolution.”

The SNC leader further accused the Syrian administration of deliberately turning Kurdish border areas over to the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD).

After the resignation of former SNC leader, Burhan al- Galioun, Sayda took the lead of the opposition group. The Syrian Kurdish groups however rejected his leading role and PYD said chairing a Kurdish official over the SNC is a Turkey-West attempt and Sayda is no different from Ghalioun, who dismissed the existence of a Kurdistan region is Syria.

News Code: 2101  |  Date: 2012/07/25  |  Time: 12 : 2

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