Iran ‘ready' to settle political turmoil in Iraq
Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari says his country is ready to facilitate dialogue among all political factions in Iraq to help settle crisis in the region, Press TV reported.

 “The Islamic Republic of Iran hopes that the ground would be prepared for political consensus among Iraqi political currents as soon as possible and announces its readiness to utilize all its relations to facilitate dialog to achieve that goal,” he said Monday.

Jaberi Ansari further called on all political sides in Iraq to exercise restraint and create “a proper atmosphere to settle the country’s existing issues through dialogue and political understanding.”

He said efforts instead should be focused on “fighting corruption and terrorism” in Iraq, which he said, requires serious talks among officials of all political affiliations.

 “We believe that safeguarding the Iraqi nation’s political process and political achievements of the past two decades as well as respecting the rule of law will guarantee stability, continuation of development, and consolidation of national unity in Iraq,” Jaberi Ansari stated.

Iraq has been the scene of political turmoil in the past weeks over Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s efforts to form a new cabinet.

In recent days, protesters stormed the parliament building in Baghdad’s Green Zone, demanding that lawmakers approve the proposed technocrat government.

The protesters also called for the resignation of Iraqi president, prime minster and parliament speaker.

News Code: 13168  |  Date: 2016/05/02  |  Time: 16 : 49

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