Hungarian troops to train Peshmerga against IS
The Hungarian troops serving in Kurdistan region of Iraq will participate in training Peshmerga forces to fight the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said.

Szijjarto said in United Nations summit in New York on combating IS: “Unfortunately the Islamic State is conquering more and more territories, more and more people are forced to leave their homes because of their atrocities. Therefore if we truly intend to ease the migration pressure on Europe, then we must step up our efforts against IS, the Budapest Times reported.

 “Hungary is prepared to do so, and therefore our contingent of 110 soldiers, who are already in Kurdistan, will from now on take part in training Kurdish Peshmerga fighters alongside their security and protection tasks.

 “If we cannot find a fast solution to pushing back IS, we must expect that migration pressure on Europe’s borders will remain, as one of its causes is IS gaining territory,” he added.

News Code: 11503  |  Date: 2015/10/04  |  Time: 13 : 57

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