A number of IS foreign forces killed along with Ezzat Dori: official
Salahuddin province governor deputy stated a number of foreign fighters fighting for the Islamic State (IS) have been killed along with the former Iraqi vice President Ezzat al-Dori.’

Amar Hakim al-Baldawi told al-Sumeriya News that the death of the terrorist, Ezzat al-Dori in Hamrin region was a big victory for Iraqi army and volunteer forces in the province as he was an ally to the IS.

He further added a number of IS Arab and foreign militants have been killed along with Dori, stressed that there are still a number of Baath forces in the province and the Iraqi forces and volunteer fighters will remove the lands from all of them.

Badr organization Secretary General Hadi al-Ameri stated efforts are continuing to identify Dori’s body and a DNA test is to be conducted on the body.

News Code: 10164  |  Date: 2015/04/19  |  Time: 3 : 35

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