Tel Affar, Mosul operation will start in a near future: commander
The Peshmerga chief of General Staff stated that the operation to liberate the Iraqi northern cities of Tel Affar and Mosul will start in a near future.

According to al-Tagheer TV, Jamal Imenki told a press conference that the operation will start in a near future, adding that the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga have dug a trench around the recently liberated city of Shingal in north of Iraq to proscribe the Islamic State (IS) militants from infiltrating into the city.

Reiterating that there is a good military cooperation between Erbil and Baghdad, Imenki said the better the ties between Baghdad and Erbil, the sooner bilateral troubles would solve.

He stated that one of the main problems between the Kurdish region and the central government in Baghdad’s refusal to send the salaries of the Peshmerga forces to the Kurdish autonomous region since 2007.

News Code: 11978  |  Date: 2015/11/30  |  Time: 13 : 10

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