5,000 ballot boxes allocated for disputed Kurdish areas
Kurdistan’s Independent High Election and Referendum Commission (KIHERC) has revealed that a total number of 5,000 ballot boxes will be sent to the polling stations across disputed Kurdish areas.

Head of the commission, Handren Muhammed, said they will open two additional offices to organize the process of Kurdistan’s independence referendum in the Kurdish areas outside the official borders of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), BasNews reported.

The first office is said to be in Kirkuk while the second one would be in Shekhan district of Nineveh province.

Kurdistan Region will hold independence vote on September 25.

Erbil previously made it clear that people in the disputed Kurdish areas will certainly have the chance vote in the process, whether they desire joining a future independent state of Kurdistan or they prefer staying with Iraq.

Muhammad also revealed that his office will soon visit the IDP camps across the region to make sure that every eligible voter will have the chance to vote on the day.

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News Code: 16907  |  Date: 2017/09/04  |  Time: 13 : 2

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