KIU is not a hurdle on holding referendum: deputy
A Kurdistan Islamic Community (KIC) deputy in the Iraqi parliament stated that the party will not be a hurdle on holding the referendum of the region and is not with the opposition of the referendum.

Zana Rustayee told Xendan news agency that the KIC will not be hurdle against the referendum of the region, scheduled for September 25.

He went on to add that the party would put all its efforts into holding the referendum as well as possible and on the planned day.

Roostayee went on to add that he has negotiated with Ali Bapir, the leader of the party, and he and all party members have reiterated they will not oppose the referendum.

The political parties of Kurdistan Region, except Gorran and KIC, decided on June 7 to hold the referendum on September 25 when the people of the region are to vote for or against the independence of the region from Iraq.

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News Code: 16847  |  Date: 2017/08/28  |  Time: 11 : 31

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