Thousands of Kurds rally in Germany ahead of Kurdistan referendum
A large number of Kurds gathered in Germany’s Cologne, on Saturday, in support of independence for the Kurdistan Region ahead of the referendum scheduled for Sep. 25.

The festival was organized by over 13 Kurdish organizations and groups in the diaspora, mainly in Germany, to express support for the upcoming referendum where the people of the Kurdistan Region will voice their desire to remain or secede from the rest of Iraq, Kurdistan 24 reported.

Many non-Kurdish participants joined the rally to express support for the Kurds right of self-determination. Kurds in attendance traveled from across Europe including the UK, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, and Switzerland, among other countries.

A letter written by the President of the Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, addressing Diaspora Kurds was read at the festival, where he praised the gathering and the show of support for the vote, labeling the upcoming referendum day as a “historic achievement” in the Kurdistan Region’s people's struggle.

 “For the Sep. 25 referendum, I call upon all of you to perform your patriotic, national, and democratic duty and fully support our right to self-determination. I ask you to vote for independence to end our oppression and to let the sun of freedom rise in honor of our martyrs' blood, for freedom, and for the happiness of future generations,” read Barzani’s statement.

Like in Cologne, Kurdish communities in Sweden have organized a similar festival in Stockholm on Sep. 16 where a large number of Kurds are expected to attend.

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