HDP condemns Turkish expulsion of PUK representative
Turkey's pro-Kurdish Democratic Peoples' Party on Thursday blasted the Turkish authorities for deporting the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (YNK) representative in Ankara Behroz Gelali.

"We as the HDP condemn in the strongest terms possible the expulsion of Gelali," said the HDP, Kurdistan 24 reported.

In a press release on its website, the HDP described Gelali's expulsion as unlawful, arbitrary and in contravention of diplomatic practices.

"It is the latest example of the intolerance toward the Kurdish people and their representatives by the Turkish government," said the HDP.

 “The reason for the closure is due to strong links between the [PUK] and HDP against the Turkish government,” Gelali told reporters yesterday after arriving in his party's stronghold city of Sulaimani.

But a source close to Gelali said the main reason Turkey expelled him was that Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members reportedly abducted some "Turkish citizens" in Sulaimani Province.

The Government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, since the collapse of the 2013-2015 peace talks and ceasefire with the PKK, views the HDP as a political front for the armed Kurdish group, a charged the latter vehemently denies.

Gelali who served as PUK's representative in Ankara for 17 years revealed that the Turkish Foreign Ministry informed him "about an incident that happened in Sulaimani,” without elaborating on any details.

The HDP, Turkey's second largest opposition block whose co-leader Selahattin Demirtas and ten other lawmakers, as well as thousands of members, remain in Turkish prisons called on Ankara to "abandon this hostility toward the Kurds."

It also called for an apology to Gelali and the PUK.

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News Code: 16829  |  Date: 2017/08/25  |  Time: 19 : 21

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