Gorran ready to meet with KDP next week
The Movement for Change (Gorran) has contacted the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) saying they are ready to have a meeting between the two parties.

Gorran officials contacted Fazel Mirani, Secretary of the KDP politburo, and expressed their readiness to have a meeting on August 21, Rudaw quoted a source as saying.

Last weekend, Gorran’s leadership decided to hold direct talks with the KDP to discuss reactivation of the parliament and the issue of the independence referendum.

Gorran opposes the arrangements by the KDP and its ally the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to hold the referendum on September 25, calling instead for the vote to receive a mandate from a reactivated parliament.

The KDP said last month that it dropped preconditions it held to reactivating the parliament, namely removing parliamentary speaker and Gorran member Yousif Mohammed from his post and banning discussions on the position of the presidency.

A multi-party Kurdistan delegation met Iraqi leaders and foreign emissaries in Baghdad to discuss the referendum. Gorran has not yet sent a representative to join the delegation or attend any of the meetings regarding the vote. The party supports holding a referendum but believes the vote should be postponed until conditions are right.

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News Code: 16771  |  Date: 2017/08/19  |  Time: 9 : 1

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