Russia backs Iraq’s integrity: envoy
Russian envoy to Baghdad stated that his country backs Iraq’s unity and integrity.

Iraqi Kurds have scheduled a referendum for September 25 to ask people in Kurdistan Region if they want to remain in a united Iraq or establish their own independent state.

A number of states including the U.S., Britain, Germany as well as the EU and the neighboring states have expressed their opposition to Kurdistan region’s independence.

The Russian Ambassador to Iraq, Maxim Maximov to Sputnik news agency that Moscow back’s Iraq’s integrity and stated that Russia wants the Kurdish region and Baghdad to settle their differences.

We have repeatedly expressed their support to Iraqi’s unity, he said adding that any decision on Iraq’s unity should be made in negotiation between Erbil and Baghdad.

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News Code: 16742  |  Date: 2017/08/15  |  Time: 10 : 28

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