Syrian Kurds are not fighting for independence: Salih Muslim
The co-Leader of Syrian pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim, stated that the goal of the Kurds in the north of the country is not to become independent, adding that Kurds are not alone in the region and there are other ethnics who are fighting along with the Kurds and the goal of the fighting is the establishment of a democratic federal system Syria.

According to Germany’s DPA News agency, Muslim denied the reports that the PYD is seeking to establish an independent state and they are fighting for a federal system in Syria.

“We are not fighting for a Syria Kurdistan dream or an independent Kurdish region in the north of the country,” he said, adding that the Kurds are not alone within the Syrian Democratic Forces as there are Arabs, Assyrians and Turkmans who are fighting along the Kurds and they have made big achievements so as the Syria Democratic Forces is the biggest ground force in Syria.

Remarking on a Syrian government protest to the Kurds’ plan for holding local elections in the Kurdish regions of the country, Muslim stated that they cannot wait until all Syrian problems are over as “the liberated regions need a system and laws to control their affairs and that’s all.”

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News Code: 16694  |  Date: 2017/08/09  |  Time: 11 : 7

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