Referendum would lead Kurdistan Region into division: deputy
A Turkman deputy in the Iraqi parliament stated that the planned referendum in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq is illegal and would lead the autonomous enclave into division.

Hasan Toran told al-Ghad Press news agency that the Iraqi constitution would not allow the region to hold the referendum planned for September 25 as the division of the region would allow the other region of the country to ask for division from Iraq and the issue would threaten Iraq’s integrity.

He went on to add that the war against the ongoing Islamic State and Erbil’s plan to hold referendum in the disputed regions of Iraq which both Erbil and Baghdad claim authority over makes the attempt to hold the referendum more dangerous.

He asked parliament political parties and factions to stand against the attempt.

Reporter’s code: 50101

News Code: 16598  |  Date: 2017/07/30  |  Time: 14 : 31

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