Baghdad will give all necessary guarantees to Kurds to remain in Iraq: official
A parliament deputy from the Iraqi National Coalition reiterated on solving tensions between Erbil and Baghdad through negotiation in order to solve the problems in the country ad for the Kurds and others ethnics to remain in a united Iraq.

Zafer al-Aani told al-Ghad Press that Iraq’s unit and integrity in out of question and stated that tensions and disputed between Erbil and the central government in Iraq have led the Kurdish region to call for holding referendum to quit Iraq.

He reiterated all troubles and tensions in Iraq can be solved through negotiation and dialogue.

Al-Aani stated that the coalition respect the goals of the Kurds and their tribal wishes, adding that Baghdad is ready to give all necessary guarantees to the Kurds and other ethnics to remain in a united Iraq.

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News Code: 16549  |  Date: 2017/07/23  |  Time: 11 : 51

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