Gorran may speak with KDP on independence: official
A Change Movement (Gorran) official said they were ready to hold talks with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on the question of referendum and reactivation of the parliament if the KDP was "serious" in thawing the ice and laying the groundwork for reconciliation between the two major Kurdish parties after Gorran’s elections.

"Of course," Salih Zhazhlai, the newly elected deputy head of Gorran National Assembly told Rudaw. "If they are serious and have the will to come forward one step to practically do reconcile, we will take two steps towards them."

Zhazhlai rejected claims that his party has turned down an offer from the political parties, namely the KDP for meeting.

"We do not stand against or reject any meeting if it is meant to be in favor of the people of Kurdistan,” he said.

Gorran elected its new National Assembly staff on Saturday and Zhazhlai was selected deputy head of the body.

He said two more elections are scheduled to take place to elect the party's leader and Executive Body following the death of its leader Nawshirwan Mustafa in May, adding that after the new leaders and staff are selected, they will respond to the KDP and begin meetings.

In recent days, the KDP officially has contacted Gorran to discuss the parliament reactivation without any preconditions.

Gorran has not yet attended any meetings held between Barzani and Kurdish parties on the independence vote or appointed a delegate for the referendum committee, tasked with overseeing the process and visiting other countries.

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News Code: 16548  |  Date: 2017/07/23  |  Time: 11 : 16

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