Baghdad cannot prevent referendum in Kurdistan Region: Mahmoud Osman
A former Iraqi parliament deputy and Kurdish politician, Mahmoud Osman, stated over the plan of Kurdistan Region to hold a referendum of independence on September that the central Iraqi government in Baghdad will not be able to prevent the referendum.

If the parties of the region are united and the internal troubles of the region are solved no external threat can stop the process, Mahmoud Osman told the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) website.

Holding referendum and trying to achieve independence from Iraq and its success is an internal issue and is an internal affair and is related to the parties and political blocs of the region rather than Baghdad.

Foreign threats and remarks would make no effect if we concentrate and agree on the independence and we will be able to decide and choose, the politician added.

The people of the region are legally allowed to hold the referendum and Baghdad cannot prevent it though it can make troubles in this regard.

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News Code: 16545  |  Date: 2017/07/23  |  Time: 9 : 37

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