KDP agrees to parliament reopening unconditionally, deputy tells Kurdpress
A parliament deputy from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) stated that the party welcomes the reopening of the region’s stalled parliament without setting any preconditions and stated that the KDP is ready to talks directly with the opposition Movement for Change (Gorran) to settle bilateral disputes.

Forsat Sofi told Kurdpress that the KDP is ready to accept the reopening the local parliament of the region with its speaker and its leading members without any preconditions.

He denied the present parliament can change the current presidential law of the region as this parliament has only 2 months to change the law and that limited time makes any changes in the law impossible.

Sofi went on to add in the interview with Kurdpress’s Hassan Salehi that the KDP believes the parliament should be activated so that it could normalize ties and prepare the region for the planned referendum set for September 25 and the other troubles of the region can be solved after the referendum, continuing to add that the KDP has accepted all the conditions for the referendum and there remains no excuse to oppose the attempt if they are not seeking to oppose the referendum basically and if so we should say that we have taken a way and we are not ready to stop it for the sake of no person and no issue and all Kurdistan and the world should know that we, as the KDP, has not left room for their excuses.

He ultimately expressed his hope that Gorran can understand the situation and the region and the KDP’s steps to settle disputes, warning that the moves by the KDP should not be read as weakness because it I stronger than ever.

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News Code: 16536  |  Date: 2017/07/22  |  Time: 11 : 8

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