New York Times warns about more tension in Iraq due to Kurdish referendum
The council editor of the New York Times has warned that the referendum of the Kurdistan Region to quit Iraq and form an independent state will fan the flames of tensions in Iraq.

Writing an article on Monday, July 17, the council stated reiterated on countering challenges in Iraq after the liberation of the northern city of Mosul, including tensions between the Kurds and the central government in Baghdad.

The article titled “Challenges after the (liberation) of Mosul” stated that the Kurdish inclination to hold referendum and declare independence are issues that would fan tension in Iraq.

The article has finally asked the U.S. administration of President Donald Trump to manage the situation in Iraq and the tensions between the northern region and the central government.

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News Code: 16500  |  Date: 2017/07/17  |  Time: 13 : 42

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