Iranian official blames human rights advocates for not helping Syrians
Iran’s Chairman of Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi censured the international community for remaining silent regarding terrorists’ organized crimes.

The so-called advocates of human rights do nothing to relieve pains of the Syrian people, Boroujerdi complained in a meeting with Hussein Ragheb al-Hussein, a member of the Syrian People Assembly on Sunday.

According to IRNA Boroujerdi congratulated the recent Syrian Army’s victories against terrorists and said that Syrian nation’s resistance against terrorists and their sponsors is a big obstacle for terrorists to achieve their vicious goals.

While people in certain areas in Syria are under siege of terrorists and in a critical situation, the so-called advocates of human rights do nothing to help them, he said.

 “US and its allied are root cause of a crisis in the region which has massacred the Syrian and other countries’ people over the past six years,” Boroujerdi added.

Meanwhile, the Syrian parliamentarian, for his part, expressed regret over June 7 terrorist attacks in Tehran, saying that the evil phenomena of terrorism and extremism are global challenges which will spread throughout the world if the countries fail to tackle it.

Appreciating Iran for its helps to Syria, al-Hussein said that Syrian nation will never forget the Iran’s supports in their tough times.

The heroic resistance of the Syrian nation will continue until full eradication of terrorism, he said.

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News Code: 16497  |  Date: 2017/07/17  |  Time: 12 : 1

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