Kurdish autonomous region benefits all, opposition spokesman says
The Spokesman for the Syrian opposition groups in Genva negotiation stated that the autonomy for Kurds in the country would benefit all sides unless it does not lead into the division of the country.

Yahya al-Aridi told Sputnik news agency that it would benefit all sides if the Kurds in Syria follow the central government in the foreign policy, national security, borders and big economic issues and manage their affairs within local administrations but no one would accept their separation from Syria and “in fact, most Kurds in Syria are not seeking separation from the country.”

Al-Aridi went on to add that all the groups that are living in Syria should express their viewpoint over the constitution of the country and the Kurds will play a big role in this regard.

Reporter’s code: 50101

News Code: 16496  |  Date: 2017/07/17  |  Time: 11 : 17

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