Gorran to elect general coordinator in weeks
The Change Movement (Gorran) is said to elect a new general coordinator by the end of July after Nawshirwan Mustafa’s death in May this year.

A lawmaker from Gorran told BasNews on condition of anonymity that his party is working now to appoint a successor for Mustafa by 25th of July which is the anniversary of the party’s establishment.

According to the report Omer Seyed Ali and Qader Haji Ali, two top Gorran officials, are the nominees for the position. However, sources indicate that Qader Haji Ali is encouraged by his fellows to allow Omer Seyd Ali to be the sole runner.

Sherko Hama Amin, another lawmaker from Gorran, stated that his party is establishing an acting body consisting of seven people, one of whom will be elected as the general coordinator.

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News Code: 16493  |  Date: 2017/07/17  |  Time: 10 : 19

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