Iran says its presence in Syria is upon request from Damascus
Iran said on Saturday that the presence of its armed forces in Syria is upon the request of Damascus and based on the already reached agreements and it does not depend on any other regional or international sides' agreement.

Iran’s presence in any form or level in the Syrian crisis has been on the request of the Syrian government and the already signed mutual agreements, Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari said in Tehran on the sidelines of a meeting with Russian President Putin's Special Envoy for Syria Affairs Alexander Lavrentiev on Saturday.

He made the remarks to a question on an agreement between the US and Russia for establishment of ceasefire southwest of Syria and that whether the agreement concerned Iranian forces' presence in the region as well.

It does not depend on any other regional or international sides' agreement, he said, adding that others' agreement, if any, in connection with Iran would have no practical or effective result with regards to Iran’s presence.

According to IRNA Jaberi Ansari said Iran was not basically interested in interfering widely in Syrian crisis and 'we have on a limited and well-calculated manner and upon the request of an agreement with the Syrian government arranged our presence in Syria.’

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News Code: 16490  |  Date: 2017/07/16  |  Time: 13 : 55

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