Kurdish vote against constitution: Iraqi ambassador
The Iraqi Ambassador to Iran, Rajeh Saber Abboud al-Moussavi, called the move by Iraq’s Kurdistan Region to hold a referendum and declare independence as unlawful and against the Iraqi constitution.

Ten years ago all Iraqi constituencies voted in favor of a constitution which guarantees the unity of Iraq, Moussavi said in an interview with the semi-official Mehr News Agency, adding that “The Iraqi constitution, which 10 years ago spoke to Iraqis and aroused the satisfaction of all, including the Kurds and the Arabs, guarantees the unity of Iraq, and everyone should abide by this law. The referendum is clearly against the law.”

Moussavi warned that Kurdish authorities have taken a road full of danger toward an independent state and urged the regional government to keep their future in a united Iraq and to refrain from the idea of independence.

He added Kurds do not only benefit from the revenue generated from natural resources under their rule but also from the wealth of the central government of Baghdad and they have the right to choose diplomats for representation.

The current Kurdish measures to hold a referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region lead them to the abyss, he said.

Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s political parties, not including the second biggest party of Change (Gorran) Movement and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG), came to an agreement on June 7 to hold a referendum on the region’s independence on September 25, 2017.

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News Code: 16486  |  Date: 2017/07/16  |  Time: 10 : 39

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