Official says Syrian Kurds are not seeking division from Damascus
A Syrian Kurdish official has stated that Kurd in the country do not plan to separate lands under their control from Syria territory and they support a united Syria.

Abdul Karim Saroukhan, the Prime Minister of Jazira Canton, the largest of four cantons of the de facto autonomous Kurdish region of Rojava in Northern Syria said:"We have no plan to be separated from Syria.”

"The project that we are seeking to implement is the establishment of a democratic nation,” Saroukhan told Kurdpress.

Elaborating more about the plan, he added, “Regardless of the sectarian or ethnic issues and based on human and moral values, the system would work for a united Syria not for its disintegration.”

Saroukhan, however, underlined that the autonomous Kurdish area has no relations with the central government of Syria since Damascus has refused to recognize them but at the same time noted that Kurds do not plan to fight the government.

He urged all Syrian political factions to be bound to democratic way of thinking in order to restore peace to the region.

He then pointed to possible liberation of the city of Raqqa from the grip of Daesh (IS) and said, “Accordingly, Raqqa people themselves will decide their future and we will not force them to be part of our federal system in northern Syria.”

The US sponsored Syrian Democratic Forces are now governing Kurdish regions in northern Syria and they have entered deep in Raqqa in their battle against Daesh. The Kurdish fighters initiated the SDF but some people from other ethnic groups including Arabs have also joined the force and now, it is a multi-ethnic group.

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News Code: 16484  |  Date: 2017/07/16  |  Time: 9 : 13

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