Parliament should be reactivated before referendum: official
The Kurdistan local Parliament should be reactivated without preconditions before holding the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan, the Director of the Kurdistan Region’s Protection and Information Agency, Lahur Talabani, said.

 How can I believe independence will be announced while the return and non-return of parliament’s speaker have created a problem,” Talabani said as he spoke to Peshmerga forces of the 17th Brigade during a meeting on Thursday (July 13).

According to NRT Talabani added the steps toward the referendum will fail if Kurdish authorities do not prepare for it and he noted the political, military, economic, diplomatic and social principles of which a state should be prepared before holding the referendum in the region.

 How can independence be announced when half of the Kurdistan Region’s soil is under the control of Turkey? Turkey has come up to Soran [district],” Talabani said.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Politburo has also reaffirmed during a meeting on Thursday that the Kurdistan Parliament should be reactivated and a law must be issued for the referendum.

The Kurdistan Region declared on June 7 a plan to hold the referendum on the region’s independence this year on September 25.

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News Code: 16472  |  Date: 2017/07/14  |  Time: 23 : 26

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