Referendum needs parliament’s reactivation without preconditions: Kurdish parties
Change Movement (Gorran) and the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) said referendum needs the reactivation of the Kurdistan Parliament without preconditions.

Gorran and KIU met in Sulaimani on Wednesday, July 12, and both parties later issued a joint statement restating referendum in the region including the disputed areas is a natural right of the people.

 “Referendum, however, needs political compromise and the reactivation of the Kurdistan parliament without preconditions,” the statement read.

Referendum should also be used as a means to reorganize the Kurdish home and to resume talks between the main political parties to resolve the political and economic crises including the Kurdistan Region’s Presidency law, the statement added.

Officials from Gorran and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) met on Tuesday and said both elections and the referendum should be held together or the referendum should be postponed, NRT reported.

 “A general election must be held on time and a referendum should be postponed, or both are held at one time,” a statement said by both parties.

The expected referendum planned to be held on September 25 was announced on June 7 during a meeting between the region’s political parties, not including the Gorran and the KIG.

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News Code: 16466  |  Date: 2017/07/13  |  Time: 13 : 52

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