Turkish planes bomb Shingal, Syria Kurdistan
Turkish warplanes bombed villages in the Shingal region and Kurdish areas of northern Syria, Friday evening, an official stated.

The bombings were targeting forces affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Peoples Protection Units (YPG), according to Ashti Kocher, head of security, Asayesh, in West Dijla, which includes Shingal, Snune and Rabiha.  

According to Rudaw the Peshmerga commander in the area said the areas bombed were near the Kurdistan-Syria border and were not close to Peshmerga fronts. The Peshmerga did not suffer any damage in the bombings, the commander stated.

No casualties have been reported.

Turkey frequently carries out airstrikes on alleged PKK locations in the Kurdistan Region's mountains, where the group has its headquarters.

In April, a number of Peshmerga were killed in Turkish airstrikes on Mount Shingal. At the time, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Peshmerga were not a target of the bombings, but that operations "in Shingal and northern Syria will continue."

Ankara believes that the Kurdish forces in northern Syria, the YPG, are an extension of the banned PKK.

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News Code: 16407  |  Date: 2017/07/08  |  Time: 10 : 55

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