Independence referendum has no return Masoud Barzani says in meeting with Iraqi parliament speaker
The Kurdistan Region President stated on Monday that there is no return from holding Kurdistan’s independence referendum, according to a statement from the Kurdistan Region Presidency.

Masoud Barzani discussed in a meeting with the Iraqi Parliament speaker discussed the political and security situation in Iraq, Mosul liberation operation, post-Islamic State (IS) realities and the situation of the liberated areas and displaced people, the statement added.

Holding the referendum and the future of Kurdistan and Iraq were also discussed in the meeting.

Explaining how the federal government has violated the constitution, consensus, and reconciliation in Iraq, Barzani stated that, “The decision of people of Kurdistan at the referendum has no return.”

Barzani reiterated that Kurdistan would seek to achieve its rights away from violence through utilizing peaceful means, dialogue, and understanding, the statement concluded.

In a meeting on June 7, chaired by Masoud Barzani, the political parties in Kurdistan agreed to hold an independence referendum on Sep. 25, 2017.

The political parties also agreed the independence referendum would be held in all the areas of the Region, including the “disputed territories” between the KRG and the Iraqi government.

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News Code: 16265  |  Date: 2017/06/19  |  Time: 23 : 42

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