Iraqi MP says Iran paying for fight against terrorism
Tehran is paying the price for supporting the fight against terrorism, a member of the Iraqi Parliament’s Foreign Relations Commission said about Wednesday, June 7, terrorist attacks in Tehran.

Khaled al-Asadi stated that Tehran is paying for its support to the Iraqi security forces as well as Popular Army in the fight against terrorism.

 “Targeting innocent people in terrorist attacks in Tehran and Manchester and other places across the world is deplorable and all these explosions are evil terroristic crimes,” Asadi was quoted by Iraqi news network, al-Sumeriyeh.

Occurrence of these terrorist attacks confirms truth of Iraq’s viewpoints and warnings that urged all countries to seriously fight terrorism and extremist groups since the beginning of their terrorist activities, he said.

Al-Asadi also pointed out that as long as the ‘roots of terrorism are not targeted’, regional and global capitals will not be safe from terror attacks.

The Iraqi MP said that terrorism should not be used as an instrument for political reckoning or advancing certain regional plans, as it will eventually backfire on those states that are using it.

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News Code: 16169  |  Date: 2017/06/09  |  Time: 14 : 27

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