Turkey blames Germany for permitting ‘PKK rally’
Turkey’s Foreign Ministry has condemned Germany for permitting alleged Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) supporters to march in the city of Frankfurt.

The ministry said it was “thought-provoking” that Germany allowed alleged sympathizers of the group to use PKK symbols and jailed head Abdullah Ocalan’s posters during the march.     

“We condemn this insincere attitude,” the ministry said, adding that Germany’s envoy in Ankara had been informed about the discomfort regarding the issue.     

German officials permitted Kurds in the city on March 18 in Frankfurt to celebrate the spring holiday of Newruz, but Turkish authorities claimed those marching were supporters of the PKK.

Around 9,000 people marched in the central German city of Frankfurt with PKK posters and flags.

Marchers also carried posters and flags and shouted slogans against Turkey.

In contrast, Salih Muslim, the head of Syria’s Democratic Union Party (PYD), also criticized Germany for banning Kurdish symbols during an address at the gathering.

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News Code: 15550  |  Date: 2017/03/20  |  Time: 10 : 25

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