Raqqa’s Arab tribes support Kurdish-led forces in fight against IS
Arab tribal groups in Syria’s northeastern Raqqa Governorate have shown support to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the anti-IS Euphrates Wrath Operation.

According to ARA News the SDF forces say that the support of Arab tribes has encouraged them to continue their military operations against IS in its de facto capital, Raqqa.

Arab tribal leaders have hosted SDF commanders and assisted in organizing press conferences in the countryside of Raqqa.

Also, many Arabs have joined the multi-ethnic SDF troops to combat IS.

The Arabs in Raqqa stressed their belief in the SDF as a liberating forces that could guarantee people’s safety against the IS threat.

More than 2,500 Arabs from Raqqa have joined the Syrian Democratic Forces on an individual basis. Officials say that the number of new recruits is in increase. Also, six Arab armed groups have been fighting alongside the Kurdish-led SDF within the Euphrates Wrath Operation for Raqqa.

Abdullah Muhammad, an Arab tribal leader in Raqqa, told ARA News: “We want to thank the Syrian Democratic Forces for their bravery in combating IS in our hometown. We also thank the US-led coalition for its support. This blessed campaign is in favor of Raqqa’s people.”

“The Arab tribes of Raqqa fully support this campaign, which is aimed at liberating our hometown from IS terrorists,” Muhammad said.

“We are also ready to establish a civilian administration to run the city as soon as IS is defeated and expelled from Raqqa. We are preparing to administratively run the city and provide the people with all the necessary services,” he added.

Muhammad al-Raqqawi, another Arab tribal leader from Raqqa, told ARA News: “The people of Raqqa are now stranded inside the city. We call on the other tribal groups inside Raqqa to support the Syrian Democratic Forces in this campaign in order to liberate the city from IS and guarantee people’s safety.”

“Today we’re accompanying the SDF forces to stress that these are liberating forces not occupying ones,” al-Raqqawi said.

News Code: 15242  |  Date: 2017/02/09  |  Time: 10 : 55

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